Ringtone – Moo-Feelin’ silly Friday

How does Farmer Brown call his “hot” farm animals? Brown chicken, Brown cow.  (Okay, think “bow chicka bow wow” from old porn or 70’s movies) Honestly, this is the silliest thing ever, but it’s so much fun to watch kids crack up over animal sounds and bovine farts.


RIngtone thinking of my mom today

Myxer – Ringtone – 025-Mom-teengirl-ds
Ringtone by Dina Sherman

Ring – Your Mother

This is your mother calling…. Oh did I feel sorry for my not-quite-out-of-the-closet-yet, friend. He was hosting a small dinner party at his apartment and introducing us to his new “friend” when the phone started ringing. Having company, he let it go to the machine. Unfortunately, the speaker was up and we all got a lovely introduction to his mother and her thoughts on who he should marry. His friend, now life partner, took the opportunity to grab a bottle of champagne, pop the cork, and  just as the machine cut her off  declared, “To the Dr.!” OY!!! Check out his ringtone…

Ringtone – This is a Test

“This is a test.” Well, you asked for it loud….Of course I’ve included a gentle warning before the “sound.”  Nothing got you off the couch at 2am or jarred you awake on those cross-country drives; before CDs, books on tape, iPods or Sirius Radio, like those totally obnoxious test tones. Fortunately, there was never an emergency, but they sure did get your attention!!!


On Monday’s, don’t you ever want to ignore a call, but you just don’t know if it’s important? Well, here is a simple and funny ringtone to let you know.

Ring – White Zone

The white zone…. I was announcing the Annie Awards a year or so ago, and Tom Kenny was hosting. He was so gracious to introduce me to the audience, as the voice they’d been hearing all evening. He then asked me to do that thing that I do that he really likes, “You know, that thing.” I thought back quickly to the conversation we had just before the show started. He had said my voice reminded him of the airport lady… So, I replied, “The white zone is for loading and unloading of vehicles only.” (repeat) I practically cracked up with the audience when he pretended to swoon. So Tom, this one’s for you!

Ringtones-For Mother’s Day

I’m so glad you’re enjoying my ringtones, and for Mother’s Day, I thought I’d mix things up! I’ve created a special bunch of tones for that special woman in your life, Mom. Now, it isn’t what we are constantly telling our moms, (nooo no no no) but it is what we are thinking! It’s a simple Mother’s Day gift, and I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day this Sunday.