Strange Auditions

With voice overs, I audition almost daily and every so often we get the audition that is, well, stranger than the norm. Now, you have to realize that most auditions these days, come in the form of an email that we must print, interpret, record and then send back as an mp3. No longer are the days where we have a casting director guiding us or voice director giving us key notes and direction. Nope! Today we record in a wondrous vacuum called, “the home studio.” But hey, it totally beats traffic, and I don’t know where you live, but in Los Angeles, that’s HUGE!

Now, sometimes we get a lot of information and it can be helpful…or not. Sometimes we get a simple character description that reads:

Average man or woman ages 25-55, real not announcery” and the script will start with, “Introducing…”   Seriously? Who talks like that, other than announcers and maybe salesmen? And that age description…oh yeah, that’s specific!

It’s with scripts like these that I step into my home booth, and suddenly feel like one of those monkeys from Madagascar. Seriously, I look at the dialogue and direction and think (with  a british accent), “today I shall fling poo.” Sometimes its supreme poo. Sometimes is classic poo. And sometimes it’s just really good poo.

The other day, however, was a whole new level of  “WHAT????” I actually had to step out of my booth and consult a friend in order to fling the appropriate poo.

You see, I received an audition that asked for, “A young kid, sounding 8-10 to play a 90-year-old man in an old-folk’s home. We want him to have the sound and innocence of a child.”  The 5+ pages of dialogue that followed, had this “kid”, hitting on old women and basically acting quite lewd and lascivious with his old fogey friends.

What we ended up creating had my friend and I cracking up. It definitely sounded like a little kid with a dirty old man’s mind. It was supreme poo! Whether I get called back or flushed, is anyone’s game. As long as I’m still flinging….it’s all good!


Work & Walk

I had such a fabulous time recording voices for a new Annoying Orange! Yes they are in negotiations for a TV series. Until then, they have the most popular website, in the world! Pretty awesome, AND they are nice folks, too! I’ll keep you posted on the release of these new shows.

On another avenue, I will be participating the Walk To End Alzheimer’s this Sunday in Woodland Hills. This will be my 4th walk. This one however, is a new one for the area and I got to help put it together. Since I am local, I worked on asking companies to help by donated items for the walk.  It took a lot of time an energy, but I am so happy to see how my community is so willing to support this cause. Like how I’m calling it “my community”! hehehe                       Follow This Link  if you would like to join me or donate to my team, The Sherman Tanks! ~Thanks!

Well, back to recoding more auditions. Hopefully one of these will land me on a new pilot!

A little of this, a little of that

It’s funny how life’s craziness can get in the way of every day blogging. Gosh it sounds like I could use a little more fiber to help that problem….

Anyway, I am now working on a new kid’s internet show. I’m not only doing the voice but I am also the puppeteer behind the Wolf puppet. It is sooo much fun, hard work aside, and it’s really cute for kids with fun jokes for the parents. The producers will be launching it hopefully this week on YouTube. I will get you the link as soon as I have it, and keep you updated on each episode.

On the up and down side, I was hired to be a new voice/fruit for, The Annoying Orange! Just before recording, the folks behind this deliciously twisted project, got an offer from a network. It’s all so exciting, they might go from an internet smash…haha to a network hit! I just don’t know if I still have the job?!?!?! Ahhhhh negotiations. Fingers crossed!!!!

Been busy on other projects I can’t talk about yet. Auditioning like crazy. Waiting for something to stick! Will keep you posted.

On the volunteer front, I’ve been busy helping to launch a new, Walk to End Alzheimer’s in the San Fernando Valley, CA. I’ll be walking in two weeks, Sunday May 22nd. I’m always looking for people to join my team, The Sherman Tanks and/or make donations to support this worthy cause. Here is the link if you are interested.Follow This Link

That’s it for today. It’s alllll good! ~Dina


January has started out interestingly. Not a lot of auditions. I guess the year is starting out slow, but I’ve liked the projects and I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I enjoyed a workshop with Wes Gleason. Great director. I look forward to working with him sometime soon.

There are a few web things and apps I have been involved in and they should be launching soon. I can’t wait to talk about them. Exciting stuff in new media.

The Animation Awards are coming up, Feb. 5th.  I am looking forward to announcing the show again this year. I’m also curious to see who they get to Host! Last year it was William Shatner. My claim to fame is when big Bill announced my name and brought me out on stage! Oooooh Ahhhhh. My huge 5 seconds of fame! It was a lot of fun! ~ I’ll keep you posted.

Funny thing about auditions…

So I’ve been getting all these singing auditions, lately. I’m always laughing because  I’m not a rock star, broadway or pop star…by any stretch of the means. Still they send me these auditions. My friend says it’s because I must be doing something right. That made me giggle and I said maybe it’s because for every audition I send in,  I’m also rewriting the lyrics and making up my own version and sending it as well.  My agents seem to get a real kick out of it.  
So the other day I get this audition with song and the song is… well, silly. It’s for a kid’s show and the tune is really catchy and simple but the words are…eh.  Nonetheless, I have to practice a bit to get it down, and my poor family, I’m coming to realize,  has to listen  unitl I’m satisfied and send it in. The song started out, “And pop pop popping away. Do do do you know it’s good for you…”
Well I changed it and sang (for my second take), ” And pop pop popping those pills. Do do do you know it’s good for you…”  I rewrote the whole song, but you get the general idea.
I didn’t realize how invasive I was to the rest of my family while practicing and then recording UNTIL…… I was shopping at Ralphs a week later and walking down the chip isle with my kids, when my son in his sweet, little, 6 year old voice started singing, at the top of his lungs, “POP POP POPPING THOSE PILLS! Do do do you know it’s good for you…”
I didn’t get arrested but I had to suffer through 3 more very loud versions before he stopped! The fascinated shoppers in the yogurt and shampoo sections also were treated to this lovely tune.
(I didn’t need to buy a sponge. I’ll just use him to soak up everything!) For goodness sakes!!!

It’s been fun and as I type he is singing a song that I had to work on for the Scooby Doo Movie. I made the callbacks. Keep your fingers crossed!

~As I repost this blog, I just found out they actually hired Broadway stars for the Scooby movie. Hey, I made the callbacks and if I lost to a cast of  New Yorker pros…welll…at least I’m competing in the big leagues! Not too shabby!

Alzheimer’s Memory Walk

Yesterday I participated in the Los Angeles Alzheimer’ Memory Walk. It was a fabulous day!!! So many people were there walking for loved ones and supporting friends affected by this devastating disease. There were even a few people walking with the assistance of family as they journey through what they can still accomplish, such strength of spirit and love. Also, downtown LA never looked so good. Guess it helps to block off the streets and let us walk down the middle. Pretty cool!

My walk was incredibly fun because I got to enjoy it with some of my dearest friends and our daughters! It was so special being a part of this meaningful event and walking a 5k with my daughter by my side.

Team Sherman Tanks also put in a fantastic showing. We are a small team, but MIGHTY!!!! We raised over $7,000 with more checks still coming in! We are one of the top 10 teams. Pretty Awesome!

Now I’m off to record an audition and an anime cartoon! May your day be filled with what makes you happy! ~Dina

Cool Auditions

Today I auditioned for 4 characters for Beverly Hills Chuhuahua2. It was a lot of work, I even went to a coach to go over some character choices. Some auditions are easy, like the one I did yesterday for Burger King. Some take time, research and practice.  It’s all fun but VERY competitive. I’d like to think all my hard work and perseverance pays off. Unfortunately, it is more like those monkeys in Madagascar, “Just fling poo!” If I’m lucky I’ll hit someone…hehehe.