Recording Final Fantasy

Recording Final Fantasy

As a professional voice over artist I wanted to find a way to use my voice to raise money.

So, I am giving away a FREE RINGTONE to anyone who donates to the Alzheimer’s Association’s,  Walk to End Alzheimer’s.
For a donation of just $10.00 or more, I will record and send you a personalized 10-15 second ringtone.

Once you make a DONATION, I will send you a thank you note with my email.

The Sherman Tanks Walk to End Alzheimer's

The Sherman Tanks
Walk to End Alzheimer’s

You send me your text/what you want me to say, and I will send you back an mp3 with your very own personalized ringtone. It’s that easy! As I do voiceovers for a living, you can also request it be recorded in a character voice, ie: little boy, little girl, teen, mom, teacher, villainess, witch, etc. Here are some samples:

Teen Girl                    Ringer on Loser                   Jewish Mother

If you like one of my 3 samples, donate $5.00 and I will happily send you the mp3.

Donate and help support the Alzheimer’s Association and get your very own, ONE OF A KIND, ringtone.

Walk To End Alzheimer's 2013

Walk To End Alzheimer’s 2013

Go to the Alzheimer’s donation page to get started today.
Thank you and I look forward to recording what you have to say!


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