Lalaloopsy Trailer

thEZMWM9G2My first big movie trailer VO!   Lalaloopsy Babies: First Steps. Click here

Ok, not the big ticket, popcorn and licorice movie vo, but the baby girls will love it!


“Agent Extraordinaire”

I love my agents! The top dog, Tom Lawless, was interviewed this morning on Kurt Kelly’s Podcast. Great guy, great agent! I’m so happy to be with  Vox. Click here to catch the podcast.

Tom Lawless

Tom Lawless

San Diego Comic Con

Diana Lansleen & Tom Tataranowicz

DianaLansleen & Tom Tataranowicz

It’s always such fun when a friend texts you with, “I just heard your VO for the Captain Action Panel at Comic Con! You were amazing!!!” Gotta say, that made my day.
G7 Animation is bringing back the 1960’s Captain Action series and I play Lady Action. Just waiting for the green light. Looking forward to some Action! Captain Action Promo.

Strange Auditions

With voice overs, I audition almost daily and every so often we get the audition that is, well, stranger than the norm. Now, you have to realize that most auditions these days, come in the form of an email that we must print, interpret, record and then send back as an mp3. No longer are the days where we have a casting director guiding us or voice director giving us key notes and direction. Nope! Today we record in a wondrous vacuum called, “the home studio.” But hey, it totally beats traffic, and I don’t know where you live, but in Los Angeles, that’s HUGE!

Now, sometimes we get a lot of information and it can be helpful…or not. Sometimes we get a simple character description that reads:

Average man or woman ages 25-55, real not announcery” and the script will start with, “Introducing…”   Seriously? Who talks like that, other than announcers and maybe salesmen? And that age description…oh yeah, that’s specific!

It’s with scripts like these that I step into my home booth, and suddenly feel like one of those monkeys from Madagascar. Seriously, I look at the dialogue and direction and think (with  a british accent), “today I shall fling poo.” Sometimes its supreme poo. Sometimes is classic poo. And sometimes it’s just really good poo.

The other day, however, was a whole new level of  “WHAT????” I actually had to step out of my booth and consult a friend in order to fling the appropriate poo.

You see, I received an audition that asked for, “A young kid, sounding 8-10 to play a 90-year-old man in an old-folk’s home. We want him to have the sound and innocence of a child.”  The 5+ pages of dialogue that followed, had this “kid”, hitting on old women and basically acting quite lewd and lascivious with his old fogey friends.

What we ended up creating had my friend and I cracking up. It definitely sounded like a little kid with a dirty old man’s mind. It was supreme poo! Whether I get called back or flushed, is anyone’s game. As long as I’m still flinging….it’s all good!

The (can’t mention the name) Video Game

With Chris Borders

With Chris Borders

Chris Borders directed a fabulous session yesterday. We had a great time giving the characters voices and attitudes. He is so awesome to work with! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to mention the title, as it’s a big franchise, until it’s released. However, he said I could post this picture of us in the booth! …..I think I need longer arms to do that iphone reverse camera shot.  Any suggestions on good angles for the future???

New Video Game

ConfidentialVideo Game

Video Game

Today I am going in to record a couple of characters  for a giant video game franchise. I’m not allowed to say anything yet. However, I’ll try to take pictures and hopefully post more tomorrow!

Road to the Red Carpet 2013

I’m so excited to once again be the announcer for the 40th Annual Annie Awards. 8 years now, and this year I will be gracing the red carpet in an Alina Pizzano original. I’m looking forward to more updates and pictures as we jouney down the road from concept to couture, culminating on the big night of Februry 2nd, 2013 at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

The Art of Couture