Lego Friends Game

9464059_500x500_sa[1] Legos are awesome, and now girls can have a game with colors, adventures and styles they will love! I’m finally “grown up” and play 3 of the girl’s moms. I had a great time working with the folks at Warner Bros, and my voice director, Ned Lott is awesome! Fun times, and I hope your girls enjoy the game!


Lego Friends

Recording Fun

Recording Fun

I’m excited to be working in another video game this Friday. I will be voicing several characters for the Lego Friends Game. I’ll find out what I can share with you, if I can take pictures or post any of my character’s pictures. It should be a fun day at Warner Bros!

WIGI – 2013

Getting WIGI with my friends

Getting WIGI with my friends

The women of  WIGI – Women In Games International, really know how to throw a party! They have been hosting the best E3 after parties for a few years now, and the S.T.E.A.M. Punk E3 Party at the Belasco in Downtown LA, was once again fun and fabulous! Among some amazing Cirque acts and attractions, they also had this really cool photo booth. Nothing like getting a bunch of your friends to jump into a shot and strike a pose for the camera! This photo just makes me giggle!
If you are into electronic games, check out E3 next year. WIGI is a great organization of talented people, besides the awesome parties, they have really great netwoking events, too.

Work Shot

Caught in the act of recording

Caught in the act of recording

I finally got a decent work shot from the game (still can’t name). Thanks Chris!  They are recording the deeper levels of the game now.  One of my characters might still come back to work more. Since I didn’t record any death scenes… there is always a chance.   Hmmm… need an emoticon for fingers crossed.

The (can’t mention the name) Video Game

With Chris Borders

With Chris Borders

Chris Borders directed a fabulous session yesterday. We had a great time giving the characters voices and attitudes. He is so awesome to work with! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to mention the title, as it’s a big franchise, until it’s released. However, he said I could post this picture of us in the booth! …..I think I need longer arms to do that iphone reverse camera shot.  Any suggestions on good angles for the future???

Madagascar Game- now available!

For anyone with a preschooler in their life, check out the new Madagascar game from Jumpstart and Dreamworks.

On Sale Now

Psssst…. I’m the voice of young Melman.

I had a great time voicing this project; it was an honor to be associated with such a memorable animated film franchise. I hope the little ones in your life enjoy playing the game as much as I did helping bring Young Melman to life.

Are you Mad for Madagascar? How about the Game?

New Madagascar Game

JumpStart and Dreamworks have joined forces to create a whole new game for kids. I’m the voice of Young Melman in the new Madagascar Game. Kid friendly and fun, what more could you ask for!?!