Fan’s 1st Birthday

I was tickled pink yesterday, when the producers of It’s a Small World sent us a letter from a family. They decorated their daughter’s 1st birthday with all the characters and pictures from our animated series. What an amazing feeling to be told you are a happy part of a family’s celebration. Happy Birthday Makenzie!  You made my day too!

If you haven’t seen all 10 episodes or would like to view them again, click the link and it will take you to all the episodes.

It's A Small World Animated Series

It’s A Small World
Animated Series


Just One Moon! Small World goes to China

Just One Moon

Just One Moon It’s A Small World kids go to China. Ashley (me) finally gets to attend to her fashionista side!  These episodes are so sweet. I have heard through the grapevine, that even though there was a huge layoff at Disney Interactive, this show is not dead in the water. Rosetta Stone loves the series and there still could be another season or more. I sure hope so. It really was a great group of talented people to work with, and the shows are wonderful. No offence to Adult Swim programming, but this I’m not afraid to show my kids or parents.

Visit Machu Picchu with the Small World kids

The Small World Kids Costume design

The Small World Kids
Costume design

Enjoy this sunny Monday with the It’s a Small World kids.
Join Harald and Ashley, and the rest of the gang as they visit Machu Picchu.

I’m hoping to play these characters for another season. Rumor on the street is all positive, still waiting for the final word. This series is just too cute, and there are so many more places to go and see. What are some place you would like to visit, or your favorite place you’ve already seen?

It’s A Small World Goes to Africa

We visit Africa

We visit Africa

This is a sweet little episode where we help a baby rhino find her way home. I also voiced the rhino, and trust me there were many more snorfles, snuffs, and raspberries in the recording session. I’m sure the outtake reel is hilarious.  The sounds they picked are adorable and I’m glad I can now add rhino to my reel! 🙂

Episode #5
Come join the It’s A Small World kids as they explore a tropical hideaway. Everyone is a winner!
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It’s A Small World Christmas Special

ISW HolidayThe Small World kids visit Sweden to enjoy the Christmas Holiday. In this episode I also get to play the Swedish gingerbread cook. Happy Holidays everyone! Don’t forget to “like” us on Youtube.

Small World kids go to Japan

The kids next stop is Japan, where we learn about the Kite Flying Festival. Come join the fun!
I am Ashley and Harald, (the blond and redhead.)