Alzheimer’s Walk 2014

On Sept. 7th I will once again join the Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

My Bubbi

My Bubbi

I walk for my grandma.
I walk for my parents who were her caregivers for years.
I walk for my girlfriend who in 1993 gave up a promising acting and singing career in LA to go home and take care of her mother.
I walk for my friends today who are raising kids and taking care of a parent with Alzheimer’s disease.
I walk for the many people I’ve met who are struggling with this disease.
I walk and ask for donations because in my years of dealing with this disease, I have seen how we are making a difference. We have raised awareness. We have found better diagnosis and care for our loved ones. We have programs that provide help and support for our family members that are now caregivers. And we have made breakthroughs in research. We are that much closer to a world without Alzheimer’s Disease. Please donate to my walk page today, and help me continue to make a difference. Thank you!

Together we make a difference

Together we make a difference


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