Lego Friends Game

9464059_500x500_sa[1] Legos are awesome, and now girls can have a game with colors, adventures and styles they will love! I’m finally “grown up” and play 3 of the girl’s moms. I had a great time working with the folks at Warner Bros, and my voice director, Ned Lott is awesome! Fun times, and I hope your girls enjoy the game!


2 Responses

  1. Awesome! Is voice acting for video games much different than voice acting for films/TV shows?

  2. For the most part, it is the same. There are sometimes different formats, like group reads vs solo. In games you always read just your lines, there is never a group. Sometimes you will only have your character’s lines and not a full script. You really have to rely on your voice director for this type of recording, since you don’t know what is going on or what the other characters are saying. It’s usually a lot quicker this way, but not as fun as when everyone is recording together.

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