Disney Project

Me, Lauren, Michael & Elle

Me, Lauren, Michael & Elle

One of the best parts about this Disney project, is that I get to work with some really great people. Group reads are always so much more fun! Actors sometimes say things like, “Oh man, I had to learn a bleedin’ accent.” In this case we are “bleedin'” accents… all over each other!This week we recorded 2 episodes and the accents were flying! We’re talkin’ (literally), Peruvian, Polynesian, Dutch, French Canadian, South African, New Zealand, Columbian and Chinese…I think that was all?! Elle has a lovely Scottish accent, and that is what she talks with when she isn’t speaking in her character accent. The funniest was when our dialect coach, Joel Goldes told Elle to pronounce a particular word with more of an American accent. And her response was, “Wait, your saying this to the girl from Scottland!” I feel like the kids version of the United Nations!


3 Responses

  1. I dare one of you to voice one of the characters with a Guyanese accent (my ethnic country), lol! That’d be awesome!

  2. Oh that is so awesome! I will have to check out what a Guyanese accent sounds like! Can you record something, just read the paper or tell me about the weather, and send it to me? I would love to hear an authentic sound. It’s very funny to listen to all the people on YouTube doing accents. Most is not very helpful, but fun to watch.

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