Emmy Nominee Party

The Mustache Girls with Diana & Ivy

The Mustache Girls
with Diana & Ivy

Last night, The Telelvision Academy threw a party for all the nominees in Daytime Programing and Animation. The activities committee along with the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, put on a very elegant evening, and it was great to see old friends and make new ones. Good luck tonight to all the nominees!

Tom & Deb T.

Tom & Deb T.


3 Responses

  1. Yes, it should be exciting!

    Ms. Sherman, do you think you can explain to me what Looping/ADR is? I’ve noticed it in your “About Dina” section and I’ve heard the term before, but never actually knew what it meant.

  2. Hi Mark, ADR stands for Audio Dialogue Replacement. Looping and Walla are other terms used to put voices or dialogue back into a film, tv show, animation, etc. The term ADR is specific for replacing actual dialogue for people or characters. For example, if the actor’s sound recording during filming didn’t record clearly, they need to go into a sound studio or sound stage and re-record those lines. Or if there is a line change (more often in animation), the editors will sync the new dialogue to match the mouth movements or lip flaps. Looping and Walla are terms used for putting dialogue back in for the background. Have you ever watched a film being shot? If you noticed, all the people in the background have to be super quiet so the soundman can record the leading actor’s dialogue clearly (this is extremely important for editing). Yet, when you watch the movie, that scene is filled with all this background noise and dialogue. Talented actors in a group called a “loop group” are hired to fill in all those background voices, from folks in a restaurant, sports games, including announcers, airports, including PA announcements, hospitals, soccer fields, other players, people on the sidelines….you get the idea. A lot of times this is called an ADR session. That term is used loosly, if actual dialogue is being replaced than there is ADR happening. Usually these sessions are called Loopings sessions.
    That’s it in a nutshell. I hope that helped.

  3. Thanks for explaining! Sounds quite interesting! I think many of us take these sounds/background noises for granted and don’t realize the effort involved.

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