The (can’t mention the name) Video Game

With Chris Borders

With Chris Borders

Chris Borders directed a fabulous session yesterday. We had a great time giving the characters voices and attitudes. He is so awesome to work with! Unfortunately, I am not allowed to mention the title, as it’s a big franchise, until it’s released. However, he said I could post this picture of us in the booth! …..I think I need longer arms to do that iphone reverse camera shot.  Any suggestions on good angles for the future???


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  1. Just a quick question regarding showbiz and voice work: When you sign on to a project that involves secrecy, do you have to sign a contract in which it clearly states that you can’t mention the name of the project until told to, and if you do, you could be sued or fired or something? Just always wondered how exactly it works, lol.

  2. Hi…? I don’t know your name. 😦
    Love your site though!
    Regarding the question, it depends on the project and the contract. Sometimes we do have to sign an NDA, which is a Non Disclosure Agreement and with that we are legally bound to not discuss the product/show. Yes, action could be taken and that is above and beyond never working for that company again, which in itself would suck.
    I hope that helps.

  3. I apologize for not responding to this until now! Somehow, WordPress didn’t notify me that you had responded to my comment! Thanks for explaining the process!

  4. Oh, you can call me Mark, lol!

  5. Hi Mark, No worries. WordPress is great but definitely not perfect.

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