The inside of couture-Road to the Red Carpet 2013



Now construction begins. Seriously, this is the inside of haute couture. Or in my case, the inside of my bodice. Alina has built the bodice of the dress and has put it on me inside out.  She is nipping and tucking and making it fit like a glove. However, she also has to make sure it isn’t too tight, as I need to be able to breath and sit while announcing the Annie Awards show on February 2nd. Thus, this incredible designer has been given the daunting task of creating a fabulous new design that is also functional. Whoever heard of such a thing! Living and breathing in haute couture- impossible!

The dress sitting

The dress sitting

Or is it? Throughout our fittings we always have our sit test. If I can sit and fill my lungs, we’re golden. So far so good!

Leave it to the amazing Alina to meld red carpet glamour with function!




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