Emmy College Awards

     A week ago I attended the Emmy College Awards Gala Event. What a fun and delicious night. I was very lucky to meet some amazing young and talented people. As a member of the Television Academy I was able to vote on 2 of the categories where these inspiring college students submitted their work. The evening was hosted by Tom Bergeron (a really nice & funny man) and the awards were presented by celebs like Chris Colfer-Glee, Jim Parsons-The Big Bang Theory, Ty Burrell-Modern Family, Amanda Righetti & Tim Kang-The Mentalist, just to name a few. Adam Shankman gave a rousing toast/roast to honor Nigel Lythgoe –American Idol & So You Think You Can Dance the Philanthropy Award.  I didn’t realize that Idol Gives Back was his brain-child and has raised over $140 million for charity. Pretty impressive! I actually got a moment to talk to Mr. Lythgoe and tell him how I decided to ‘Put my money where my mouth is’ through my work with the Alzheimer’s association. He is an inspiration and a nice guy ta boot.

     I also got to chat with a few of the up and coming college Students. They really blew everyone away with their insight, perspective and talent. I gotta say, if these are the faces of tomorrow, our future looks bright!

     The rest of the week was very busy with auditions and a great workshop with Kris Zimmerman. My fingers are crossed for a few of these shows I’m up for. Man, I feel like A Chorus Line…. “God I hope I get it. I hope I get it!”  We’ll see what this week brings. ~Dina


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